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Seeley Lake Park, off Lakewood Drive near JBLM

Seeley Lake Park, off Lakewood Drive near JBLM

It has actually been pretty nice weather here in Ft Lewis WA area for this time of year. It’s been chilly, but dry and sometimes even sunny! When the weather is like this, you have to take advantage. For me, that means bundling the kids up and heading outside! I am new to the Lakewood area, so I have been trying to discover new places to take the kids. This time I wanted to go for a walk and I live on a private road that’s not very long so I like to head to the parks. Seeley Lake park is where we decided to go for a quick walk and it’s only about 15 minutes from Ft Lewis/McChord. It was a nice little loop that’s only about a mile long, which is nice to have a short loop sometime in case we need to head home quick, you never know with little kids! The thing I really like about this place was that we went on Saturday morning and it was quiet, we only passed two other people.

If you want directions to the park just click HERE and it will take you to the website.

Click to read more about the Lakewood, WA area

Sunny but chilly, the kids had a blast!

Sunny but chilly, the kids had a blast!


Olympia Washington

I just read an article in The Olympian, the local newspaper, stating that Olympia Washington is ranked #1 for being the most secure place to live for a mid-size city for 2010, according to Farmers Insurance Group. Each year Farmers Insurance compiles a list of the most secure cities and ranks them into three groups; large metro areas, mid-size cities, and small towns. They look deep into each city comparing the following: crime statistics, extreme weather, the risk of natural disasters, housing depreciation, foreclosures, air quality, environmental hazards, terrorist threats, life expectancy and job-loss numbers in 379 U.S. municipalities.

This “Most Secure Places to Live” ratings have been conducted by Farmers for the last seven years and each year Olympia Washington has ranked within the top 20. In 2007 and 2008 Olympia Washington was #1 both years, briefly getting the spotlight taken by Fargo, N.D.-Moorehead, Minn. But only dropping down to second place and taking it back this current year.

Here is what Farmers had to say about Olympia, Washington: “The Olympia Washington area reclaimed its spot as the top mid-size city it held both 2007 and 2008. The state capital of Washington, Olympia is considered a major cultural center of the Puget Sound region and is a hub for artists and musicians, with a vibrant downtown and access to outdoor activities. Its increased job growth, high air quality and low risk of severe weather greatly contributed to its top ranking in the Farmers study.”

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, if you want a safe place to live, move to Olympia Washington because we have low crime, no extreme weather, clean healthy air to breath, and uh we live longer!


Buy versus Rent

Q:   We are in the military and we are set to PCS in August to Ft. Lewis. We are planning to rent a home for the first year but then would like to purchase a home before our lease is up.  We plan on retiring in the area… We heard a lot of good things about Ft. Lewis.  Do you have any suggestions?

A:   I will do all I can to help.  I would really consider buying this year if you think you will stay in the area.  Interest rates are  about as low as they can go, and with the tax credits (not deduction)  the govt. is essentially offering to pay your property taxes and insurance for a couple of years.  I would look really hard at using the current economic situation to your benifit, it could mean thousands of dollars to you.

 I know it sounds like I am trying to sell you a home….and I am.  Thing is, we probably won’t see this opportunity again for a long time, if ever.  The WA housing market hasn’t taken the hit that other parts of the country have….but we will still see the benefits of these govt. incentives.

 Again, I am happy to help whatever you decide.