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Yes, it rains in the beautiful PNW – that’s what makes it so green here! Some people are worried that there is nothing fun for kids when the weather isn’t so great…THAT’S NOT TRUE! One great place to visit for JBLM area indoor play is the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. I have taken my kids here numerous times and they love it! One of my favorite things is that it is donation based only! You don’t have to break the bank to go! They do have days that are not open to the public so make sure you check the hours before you go. Mondays are reserved for members only and Tuesdays are reserved for special needs play.

The kids can spend hours here and be completely entertained! There is also a cafe in the lobby if drinks or snacks are needed. I love that there is plenty of space to sit and watch your children play, sometimes places like this lack seating areas. The staff is always wandering around as well to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and that all the rules are being followed.

My daughter also did a summer camp here and she really enjoyed it. It was five days and from 9am-2pm and the kids were required to pack a lunch. It was a great intro into what kindergarten was going to be like. The camps are a little pricey, but I’m really glad that we did it. They also offer a bunch of other stuff as well:

After we have our fun at the museum, we always head over to Hello Cupcake for a special treat so make sure to check that out as well!

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Train track area

Train track area

Today was so much fun!!! A friend of mine introduced us to something new (Thanks Natalie)! We attended the Play to Learn session at the Lakewood Library! This is a really fun activity put on by the Children’s Museum of Tacoma and it’s completely FREE! It’s for kids ages six and younger and, like I said, SO MUCH FUN! I couldn’t believe all the neat stations they has set up for the kiddos to explore.

They have two different sessions, morning classes from 10-11:30am and afternoon classes from 1:30-3pm. They are all held in various locations around the Lakewood/Tacoma area and they also do a session Wednesdays at JBLM! It was so well organized with play time, clean up time, circle/song time, story time and more play/arts time. I loved that they had stuff for all ages. I went with little man (who will be two next week), there were babies who were around 5-9 months old, all they way up to five and six year olds and they were all staying entertained!

I highly suggest trying out these sessions. It’s a great way for the kids to get some energy out, socialize and learn to follow instructions. You can find out more about the Play to Learn sessions here and take a look at some pictures below…




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Today I took the kids over to Bounce e House after buying a special on Groupon a few weeks ago. The location that I went to was in Tacoma, WA off 112th. I would think of it more like Parkland, but they say Tacoma. Anyway, I thought the advertising was a little off because you would think there are three different locations, but that’s not true. There is only one location but it is so close to all those towns that they put the names in there to attract more business. It’s really close to McChord Air Field as well.

Anyway, the kids had a blast here! It’s nothing too special, just four bounce houses set up in a warehouse like location. It was pretty cool in there so as a parent I recommend a coat for yourself unless you are actually jumping with the kids as well. I actually like the fact that they keep it cool, that way it’s not all humid and nasty for the kiddos.

It’s a little pricey without the Groupon or a discount. Cost was $7 per kid but I only paid $3 with the Groupon. They also have an app that shows deals going on so I recommend taking a look at that first as well. You can also do parties. As far as indoor play areas near JBLM, this was okay. Not my favorite but, like I said, the kids had a lot of fun and that’s what matters!

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