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Another Mission Accomplished and another happy homeowner! Looking for a home in the JBLM area? Let me help you find the perfect one!


dscf4018We had a great experience with Phil. At the time we had already had a realtor and were not currently looking but we came across him on Facebook by a recommendation from his team. We ended up letting our realtor go and went with Phil. It was his experience and knowledge of not just the market and the area but on homes and maintenance that sold us. Phil is extremely familiar with Washington and knows a great deal about homes. What you will find with phil and not someone else is that he will take the time to point out the good and the bad when showing you homes. If he finds something that needs to be fixed or notices the roof is in bad condition he will tell you he won’t hide it just to make a sell. He is really helpful when it comes to explaining to you what type of floors the house has, how to work the fireplace, or will just give advice on upgrades you could do. He is more than willing to recommend other professionals and will answer any questions that you have. Best of all, communication is great. He answers calls, emails, and will text you back!

– Jasmine Carey




              Highly likely to recommend: ★★★★★

              Local knowledge: ★★★★

              Process expertise: ★★★★★

              Responsiveness: ★★★★★

              Negotiation skills: ★★★★★



I found Phil while browsing agents on Zillow and read his many reviews. I was PCSing in a couple of months and need help finding a new home. Phil and his team were excellent and lived up to all the great reviews he has. His team did a great job finding a LARGE list of properties for us to review and gave us a great selection of houses and locations to choose from. Once we had decided on a few to see Phil set everything up and gave us excellent advice as we were asking through each of the houses. I am extremely glad to have found Phil and his team. I highly recommend Phil for any one, but he is especially good for Service Members as he understands our unique challenges.

Matt and Ashley Blakemore

This and other reviews can be seen at: http://u.zillow.com/w5SSR/