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Quick & Easy Low Budget Fixes
That Can Help Sell Your Home

or get ready for guests over the Holidays!
There’s a lot to do when preparing to sell your home, and some improvements to make it easier to sell might be on the list.  When you need to get your home looking its best but don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend on it (especially because of the upcoming Holidays), try a few of these simple tricks that will help sell your home faster without breaking the bank.
If you can’t afford (or don’t want) to replace the carpets in your home to make it look newer or cleaner, consider shampooing them instead.  Carpets that have seen better days can look much better when they have been steam cleaned.  Many companies offer deals on carpet cleaning (check Groupon) or you can rent a machine and do it yourself.  As a bonus, clean carpets make the home smell nicer as well.
Cleaning the outside of the house really adds to curb appeal.  Rent a pressure washer for the day and clean the driveway and outside walls (gently).  Patios and decks can benefit from pressure washing as well.  It will leave concrete and wood looking like new and get rid of cobwebs and dust on the house. With the fall and winter weather around, the brighter and cleaner your home can look, the better. Keeping the falling leaves in check will help too.

New windows might be out of the question, but a quick coat of paint on the frames and windowsills can really brighten up old windows and make them look new again.  If you don’t have time or money to paint the entire exterior of your home, try painting just the front door.  It will create a bright, welcoming accent. Is your kitchen hardware is a bit outdated? Simply adding new handles to cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom can really improve their appearance and give the home a more modern feel.  Did your child write their name on the wall? Paint over it so the wall looks nice and clean. Touch up any walls with bold colors or accent walls, you don’t want potential buyers noticing any flaws. 
Staging your home for sale is expensive, and difficult when you are still living there and also on a  budget.  Instead of replacing furniture, buy slipcovers to make them look new.  Colorful throws and pillows can change the look of the room as well and make buyers see it in a different light. Even though they aren’t keeping your furniture, it’s still creating an impact on their perspective of the home. Scratched up tables can be an eyesore.  Use a tablecloth for the dining room table and place colorful placemats as an option to cover a coffee table or end tables. Even purchasing a set of furniture repair markers can be beneficial.


Just remember, simple touches can change the way a buyer sees your home.  I am available to look at your home and give advice for touch-up’s. This is something we will usually discuss at our first meeting. There are also local home-staging companies where getting homes ready to sell is what they do and it’s usually a pretty reasonable price.
– Phil

Are you looking for a place to gets some plants to spruce up your new home??? I know just the place to go…Watson’s!! We did some major landscaping at our house this year and I was ready to plant. I had heard about Watson’s and figured I would give it a shot; so glad I did!! This place was so much fun and had so many options to choose from. Lots of knowledgeable staff available to answer questions and suggest plants based on your yard and preference. I don’t really enjoy yard work so I was hunting for the plant it and forget about it plants! I also wanted a lot of evergreen shrubs to they would stay nice and green all year.

When I first walked in I was so overwhelmed by all the choices! It was so nice to have such a big selection!

They also had amazing home decor stuff as well. I really could have spent all day here! And, if you did want to spend a majority of the day you wouldn’t have to worry about getting hungry of thirsty because inside the main building is Anton’s Cafe!

If you are in need of amazing plants or home decor or even just ideas for your new home in the JBLM area, I highly recommend checking this place out. They even have some cool events that happen during winter too (reindeer come visit)!

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It’s that time of year when home owners start thinking about putting their home on the market. It is common for sellers to wonder what their home is currently worth, and if they should do some updating to not only make it worth more, but for it to have better appeal. It is important for sellers to remember that looks count for a lot. Have you ever wondered what would be best to update before putting your home on the market? I suggest giving your Realtor a call to discuss current market conditions and how your home would hold up if put on the market in its current condition. Take a look at this article discussing The Renovation Dilemma: What to Fix If You’re Selling.

Kitchen_cabinet_pullsinterior paintingSomething as simple as new paint colors can make a huge difference in the eyes of a potential buyer. A home with a fresh, clean look usually gets some pretty good bonus points. There are some projects that aren’t recommended though, so make sure you are aware of those. They are covered nicely in the article mentioned above.

Best of luck on your renovations & getting that home on the market!

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20140128_171746We recently bought a house in Lakewood, which is about 10 minutes from Ft Lewis, WA. We bought an older home and are in the process of updating it…and oh what a process! With two kids under and three, it’s been quite crazy in our house since we moved in. It is always a construction zone with some project going on.

We just demoed part of the kitchen! We are changing the layout and opening things up quite a bit. It was fun to see what a difference it has made. I can now see the kids when I’m in the kitchen, which is pretty important since I feel like I spend 90% of my day in here!


Since we wanted to save money we chose to install our own cabinets and found a great place online to purchase them. We used CliqStudios and they were pretty awesome. I love the cabinets and the quality seems to be very good.

Here the progress so far…


You will notice that my daughter is no where to be found, she HATES loud noises but my son LOVES them!kitchen demo