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Real Time Market Snapshot Tool
Real Time Market Snapshot Tool

The Market Snapshot Tool is a valuable resource for home buyers and sellers. This tool pulls the most current information available on the web and directly from the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) database. Most online tools pull from archived or outdated sources that produce old market information. Getting the listings after they are sold are waste of your time. This tool generates the most current information available online so you get the most current information, right now. Some of the valuable information you get from the Market Snapshot includes…

Detailed information on homes

  • Sold
  • Currently for Sale
  • Under Contract, not yet closed
  • Expired, or homes that did not sell

Also provides

  • Analysis of various market trends
  • Easy and interactive graphics, maps and charts
  • Real time data on homes in your area or area of interest
  • Volume comparisons of recent sales, new listings and total listings
  • Percentage comparisons of asking price to selling price for recent sales
  • Average, median and high/low prices for current sale or sold
  • Time-on-market along with time-on-market averages

Additionally, you can schedule to have a Market Snapshot Report sent directly to your inbox to keep up-to-date on current market conditions.

The Market Snapshot tool is your guide to buying or selling a home. Educating yourself ensures a confident sale as a buyer or seller. This tool can give you the confidence of making a good choice. Get your Market Snapshot Report now by submitting the form below, or check out a sample to see the value of this tool for yourself (click “View Sample Analysis” at the bottom of the form).

If you need help or have any questions about the Market Snapshot Tool or other real estate need, Call Phil Sharp today at 360-970-9977 or email Phil@PhilSharpHomes.com. Information is always free without obligation or pressure. Continued Service; You can’t go wrong.


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